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Medical cannabis delivery is available from 10am to 8pm every day. Delivery patients need to be physician verified to receive delivery services. Your driver will be prompt and well educated in the various strains and forms of medication available. Please be prepared to provide copies of your doctor referral information to your delivery driver.

Delivery Guidelines
  1. Every recommendation must be verified prior to delivery.

  2. Call for immediate delivery or schedule a delivery in advance.

  3. Quantities are predetermined and available when the driver arrives at the
    designated time and location. Drivers DO NOT carry excess medicine or donations!

  4. Medication is delivered directly to the patient only. Friends or family may
    not receive medicine designated for another person.

  5. Medicine must be received in a safe location away from schools, playgrounds,
    churches, etc. and treated with respect. Please do not overtly handle, flaunt,
    or make inappropriate gestures with donation or medicine. We reserve the right
    to refuse service to anyone when deemed appropriate to do so.

  6. All patients must become a member of Go Green Compassionate Care Collective.
    The delivery person will provide you with membership forms to sign.


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